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We’re on a mission to simplify API security and allow enterprises, developers, and DevSecOps teams to embrace modernization, complex deployments, and hybrid environments with confidence.

Corsha is a well-funded, cybersecurity company in the Washington, D.C. area with novel technology for API security. Our core technology is dual use, designed for widespread adoption, and easy to configure and deploy to both commercial and government customers. Corsha has a strong engineering team with deep expertise in distributed ledgers, cryptography, security principles, orchestration technologies, and software design.

Anusha Iyer

Anusha Iyer

CEO and Founder

Anusha Iyer is the CEO and Founder of Corsha. She is a technology leader with over 15 years of experience in security-minded software, analytics, and managed services. A Carnegie Mellon alum, she started in the Washington, DC area at the Naval Research Lab. At NRL, her focus was on reverse engineering and tactical edge networking.

Prior to Corsha, she was the Director of Software Programs at Galois, Inc., managing DARPA contracts in the areas of privacy, cyber-mission planning, and software diversity.

At Corsha, Anusha is passionate about making security accessible, easy to adopt, even self-assuring and building a world-class team.

Our Approach to Security

When we started Corsha, we wanted to write down the core security principles that would guide the company and products. These principles were borne out of decades of experience in cybersecurity and data protection. By knowing our guiding principles, we hope our customers will better understand the value of our Platform.

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Single, centralized repositories are natural vulnerability points in an enterprise. Our Platform is distributed, raising the bar on attack sophistication.

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Static credentials, even complex keys, can be used by anyone who has them. Moving targets are harder to hit. Our Platform requires a unique, one-time use, dynamic security credential for every API call.

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Modern deployments demand a platform that is cloud-native, platform agnostic, and highly scalable. Our Platform has to match the speed and scale of cloud. Period.

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Repositories of private information are ripe targets for attack. Our Platform does not store or rely on customers’ private data. We do not need to analyze or collect data traffic signatures, machine ‘fingerprints,’ or environment details to work. Respecting this boundary reduces risk for both us and you.

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Security only works when it is used – seems obvious, right? Yet we all know cybersecurity is often at odds with integration and usability. Seamless integration and flexibility have to be on par with security promises for our Platform to be adopted.

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