Corsha Releases Kong Gateway Plugin bringing MFA to Non-Human Identities
By Kalynn Rhew
on June 04, 2024
Kong Gateway is the world’s most adopted open source API gateway. In the realm of security, Kong Gateway offers a comprehensive suite of features such as authorization, authentication, and request validation. Kong’s flexibility extends to custom security plugins,...
Corsha Cloud Available at IL5 on Google Cloud
By Robert Batson
on May 20, 2024
To comply with all regulatory requirements for US government-affiliated users, Corsha Cloud is available using Google Cloud Platform's Assured Workloads. This feature allows us to provide a highly secure and compliant environment tailored specifically for government...
Sisense Breach Shows Danger of Third Party “Forever” Tokens
By Chris Parlete
on April 25, 2024
The recent breach at Sisense started with an AWS access token to a Gitlab repository and has led to all Sisense customers having to rotate any access token they’ve ever given to Sisense. While most headline-grabbing breaches involve personal information, the...
Securing Machine-to-Machine Communication with Zero Trust
By Corsha
on March 25, 2024
Originally coined by Forrester Research analyst John Kindervag in 2010, Zero Trust represents a significant shift in cybersecurity philosophy, advocating for the principle of "never trust, always verify" in network access and communication. Moreover, the framework...
The Integration of AI-Driven Threat Detection and Post-Quantum Cryptography in Diverse Environments
By Corsha
on March 19, 2024
Traditional cybersecurity measures are often insufficient to safeguard against evolving threats in today's diverse environments. However, recent advancements in cybersecurity technologies offer innovative solutions to bolster the security of machine-to-machine...
From Endpoints to Ecosystems: Comprehensive Security in Machine-to-Machine Communication
By Corsha
on February 14, 2024
Interconnected systems and data-driven operations require a comprehensive and holistic approach to security. While securing individual endpoints remains crucial, organizations must now extend their focus to fortifying the entire ecosystem of machine-to-machine (M2M)...
Securing Critical Infrastructure: Changing the Model for OT Cybersecurity Part 2
By Corsha
on December 18, 2023
In the landscape of Operational Technology (OT), confronting vulnerabilities often leads to the reflex of firmware updates or software patches. While this practice is foundational for maintaining the security of OT controllers and devices, certain vulnerabilities defy...
Securing Critical Infrastructure: Changing the Model for OT Cybersecurity Part 1
By Corsha
on December 08, 2023
The recent discovery of a vulnerability in Siemens programmable logic controllers (PLCs) has sparked concerns about the security of these systems. Siemens PLCs, a cornerstone in industrial automation and critical infrastructure, have been widely used for years,...
Securing Machine-to-Machine Communications in the Age of Industry 4.0
By Corsha
on October 31, 2023
In the ever-transforming landscape of Industry 4.0, where automation and data exchange are reshaping the way industries operate, one aspect stands as the cornerstone of this evolution: secure communication between machines. In this dynamic era, ensuring this dialogue...

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