Vulnerability Disclosure Philosophy

At CORSHA, our Vulnerability Disclosure Philosophy reflects our commitment to security, transparency, and collaboration with the security community, and our broader commitment to ethical and responsible behavior in all aspects of our business.  We believe that fostering a responsible and open environment for reporting and addressing vulnerabilities is crucial in maintaining the trust and safety of our users and customers. Our philosophy is guided by the following principles:

Security is a Shared Responsibility:

We recognize that security is not solely the responsibility of any internal team, but a collective effort involving the wider security community with the obligation of serving customers and the public writ large. We welcome and value the contributions of security researchers, customers, and users who help us identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. We expect that anything we find will also be taken in that way.

Responsible Disclosure is Encouraged:

We strongly encourage responsible disclosure of any security vulnerabilities discovered in computer systems, applications, or assets. We believe that responsible disclosure allows not only Corsha, but all companies and organizations providing critical services to user communities, to address vulnerabilities promptly and protect our users from potential harm.

Collaboration and Communication:

We are committed to establishing clear lines of communication with security researchers and individuals or organizations that report vulnerabilities. Open and transparent dialogue is essential for understanding the nature of the reported issues and collaborating on their resolution.

Non-Retaliation Policy:

Retaliation against security researchers or individuals who report vulnerabilities in good faith is not helpful.

Swift and Timely Response:

Upon receiving a vulnerability report, we will promptly acknowledge its receipt and begin the investigation process. We understand the urgency of addressing security issues and will work diligently to develop and implement appropriate fixes.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of vulnerability reporters. If requested, we will keep the reporter's identity confidential, unless required by law or if explicit permission is granted to disclose their identity.

No Malicious Actions:

Malicious actions or attempts to exploit vulnerabilities beyond what is necessary for responsible disclosure, cause unforeseen issues and damage. Actions that could lead to service disruption, data loss, or unauthorized access to user data are strictly forbidden, under all circumstances.

Continuous Improvement:

We view vulnerability disclosure as a continuous process of learning and improvement. We analyze each reported vulnerability and use the insights gained to enhance the security of our systems and applications.

Education and Awareness:

We are dedicated to raising awareness of responsible vulnerability disclosure within our organization and the broader security community. We actively support security education initiatives and advocate for best practices in vulnerability reporting.

Recognition and Appreciation:

We recognize the invaluable contributions of security researchers and individuals who assist us in improving the security of our systems. We may offer rewards, recognition, or public acknowledgment for responsible vulnerability disclosures at our discretion.


Our Vulnerability Disclosure Philosophy reflects our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for our users, customers, and partners. We are grateful to the security community for their cooperation, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to promptly and responsibly address reported vulnerabilities to safeguard our digital ecosystem. Together, we can create a safer online experience for everyone.