Secure by Design Goes Beyond Software Development Best Practices
By Joel Krooswyk  
on July 10, 2024
CISA’s Secure by Design, now in its second year, is beginning to pivot to a "Secure by Demand" terminology. Secure by Demand encourages software procurers to push for secure by demand attestations and to obtain proof of secure development practices to quantify the risk...
Securing Critical Infrastructure: Changing the Model for OT Cybersecurity Part 1
By Corsha
on December 08, 2023
The recent discovery of a vulnerability in Siemens programmable logic controllers (PLCs) has sparked concerns about the security of these systems. Siemens PLCs, a cornerstone in industrial automation and critical infrastructure, have been widely used for years,...
Securing Machine-to-Machine Communications in the Age of Industry 4.0
By Corsha
on October 31, 2023
In the ever-transforming landscape of Industry 4.0, where automation and data exchange are reshaping the way industries operate, one aspect stands as the cornerstone of this evolution: secure communication between machines. In this dynamic era, ensuring this dialogue...
Cracking the Code Pt 1: Unraveling OT to IT Communication Challenges and Solutions
By Corsha
on September 19, 2023
In the realm of modern industries, two critical pillars stand tall – Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Each plays a distinct yet interconnected role, forming the foundation upon which today's industrial landscape is built. Understanding the...

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