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Experience the power of dynamic machine identity and continuous authentication, where Machine Identity, Zero Trust, and API security unite seamlessly.


Corsha is an Identity Provider focused on Machines, introducing dynamic identity, observability, and fully automated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for machine-to-machine requests – an industry-first. This technology enhances Identity and Access Management (IAM) for organizations looking to automate in intricate and ever-evolving environments like cloud, operational technology, CICD pipelines, security operations centers themselves, and edge computing.

Enable OT to IT Connections

Enable OT to IT Connections

Empower OT to IT

Empower your organization to conquer the cybersecurity challenges connecting OT equipment to IT systems. OT platforms weren’t designed with modern cybersecurity controls like strong identity, end-to-end encryption, and authentication in mind. With our advanced solutions, you can move past air-gapped enclaves, securely interconnect equipment across your shop floor or critical infrastructure networks, and increase automation, and bring your OT equipment into the age of Industry 4.0. Discover OT to IT challenges and solutions in our whitepaper.

Tackle Unique OT Security Challenges

Corsha understands the complexities of machine-to-machine threats like man-in-the-middle attacks and API credential stuffing. We provide robust security solutions that enhance automation across diverse networks while ensuring precise control over machine access.

Implement with Versatility and Ease

Implementing Corsha is a breeze, thanks to our versatile hardware and software-based connectors. Say goodbye to complex modifications to your modern or legacy manufacturing equipment—our seamless solution simplifies adoption, making your security measures effortless.

Proven in the Most Regulated Environments

Corsha’s technology is battle-tested and proven to enhance security for vital automation and data workflows. Our solutions are deployed in the cloud or on-premise air-gapped environments, extending protection to Azure Government, AWS GovCloud, and DoD High-Performance Computing Centers.

Enable OT to IT Connections

Communicate with Confidence Across Hybrid Cloud

Secure Service-to-Service Communication

Corsha is your ultimate solution for robust, automated service-to-service communication. Our cloud-native and platform-agnostic approach ensures seamless integration into DevSecOps pipelines and API gateways, guaranteeing your systems are well-protected against API security threats.

Secure Data Movement across Networks

Secure access to your API services and protect data as it moves across diverse environments, from multi-cloud to legacy applications. Corsha ensures your data only flows to and from trusted services, regardless where they are deployed.

Automate Continuous Protection against API Exploits

Corsha Authenticators generate unique and irrefutable dynamic identities, enforcing strict authentication checks for every API call. Experience continuous, automated protection against API exploits, leaving no room for security breaches.

Tailor and Configure Deployments to Fit Your Needs

Choose the deployment option that suits you best: Corsha Cloud (SaaS) for hassle-free cloud-based security or Corsha Enterprise (On-Prem, Self-hosted) for full control over your security infrastructure. Enjoy a unified management of machines across clouds, edge networks, and legacy data centers through our intuitive web-based console.

API Identity &
Access Management

MFA for APIs

Corsha creates dynamic identities for machines you trust and adds an automated, one-time-use MFA credentials to every API call. Halt API access to a machine instantly. 

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Conquering Security Threats in OT to IT Communication

Download our new whitepaper, From Legacy to Leading Edge: Challenges and Solutions for OT to IT Security, for a comprehensive look at the challenges and strategies in securing OT to IT communications today
Explore OT to IT Security Implications in the Age of Industry 4.0
Gain Insights into the Challenges of Securing OT to IT Communications
Discover Strategies for Retrofitting Cybersecurity in OT to IT Connections

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Protect Your Enterprise Against API Attacks Through Automated Machine-to-Machine Trust

Secure all API communication between trusted machines without worrying about secrets management hygiene
Gain clear visibility into all of the machines that are accessing your APIs and assign secure identities to each
Revoke API access to a machine or group of machines instantly without impacting other workloads

Enable OT to IT Connections

Automate your Software Supply Chain

Protect the Core of Your
Software Supply Chain

Experience seamless enforcement of zero trust principles into your automated CI/CD pipelines. Ensure your code, data, configuration, secrets, and build artifacts only move through trusted points and only come from trusted sources.

Embrace Zero Trust in CI/CD Pipelines

Step into the future of security with Zero Trust in your CI/CD pipelines. Rigorous identity verification and continuous authentication redefine security norms, helping you move past static API credentials from Github to Jenkins to Artifactory.

Secure Development Infrastructure

In the age of continuous integration and development pipelines take your development infrastructure to the next level with continuous authentication. With automation the risk shifts from human to machines and APIs. Safeguard your code and the products you build as they traverse SaaS platforms and hybrid environments to get from code to cloud.

Preserve Artifact Integrity

In the world of CI/CD pipelines, the Artifact Repository stands as the authoritative source of truth and your biggest risk. Corsha preserves artifact integrity and strengthens API connections to repositories like Artifactory with robust authentication and access control. Ensure the safety of your digital assets and maintain control at every step.

Enable OT to IT Connections

Secure your Security Operation Centers (SOCs)

Optimize Security
Operations Centers

Use Zero Trust automation to set and enforce rules, policies, and restrictions that dictate how APIs can be accessed, who can access them, and what actions can be performed. Streamline and enhance security monitoring to improve incident detection, and enhance overall cybersecurity capabilities.

Establish Zero Trust (ZT) for Automated Traffic

Seamlessly connect on-premise systems with 3rd-party services, ensuring secure and trusted communication flows. With Corsha you can implement workflows that automatically grant or revoke permissions based on predefined criteria.

Protect 3rd Party SaaS Access

Corsha ensures secure communication between your internal systems and third-party SaaS services by implementing robust API security protocols. Safeguard sensitive data exchanges and prevent potential vulnerabilities associated with API interactions.

Implement Granular Permission Management

Gain precise control over user permissions for each SaaS application. Corsha’s platform allows you to define and enforce granular access policies, reducing the risk of unauthorized data exposure.

API Secrets Are Weak Proxies for Machine Identity

API secrets are getting leaked, sprayed and sprawled at an alarming rate. They are often shared, rarely rotated and their static nature makes them prime targets for adversaries. By adding a security layer to existing secrets management and PKI, Corsha abstracts away the vulnerabilities in the bearer model

Rarely rotated and sometimes set to never expire
The static nature of secrets make them vulnerable targets for adversaries to leverage
They get leaked, sprayed and sprawled across dozens of development and deployment solutions
They are a pain to provision and manage across a multitude of different systems and environments
Rarely rotated and sometimes set to never expire
The static nature of secrets make them vulnerable targets for adversaries to leverage
They get leaked, sprayed and sprawled across dozens of development and deployment solutions
They are a pain to provision and manage across a multitude of different systems and environments
Zero Trust

A Zero Trust Solution for APIs

Protect your APIs with a zero trust architecture framework

By assigning dynamic identities to your NPEs (non-person entities) and authenticating all of your network connection requests, Corsha’s identity-first platform gives organizations full visibility into their APIs and the machines that are accessing them.

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