How API Secrets Fall Short

Zero Trust API Security

Today most enterprises use API secrets for one part machine identity and one part securing communication between a service and client. As more breaches are caused as a result of compromised API keys, tokens and certificates, it’s time to re-think using the bearer model to secure communication between machines, services and APIs.

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Corsha aims to mitigate [API secret] difficulties by adding an extra layer of security on top of API secret-focused solutions, brokering machine access, and depriving hackers of the opportunity to target APIs through zero-trust authentication.

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Tim Keary


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The Static Nature of API Secrets Makes Them Ripe Targets for Adversaries

API secrets act as a password between systems, but just as the static nature of human passwords become an exploitable vector for bad actors, so have the same static nature of API secrets. Learn how Corsha brings automated MFA to APIs to create an abstraction layer to the vulnerable nature of static api keys, tokens and certificates.

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The Bearer Model is Broken

The Bearer model in secrets management doesn't pin access to any indidividual machine, it simply provides access for any machine that has it and can be used anywhere. The manual tasks required to support provisioning and rotating secrets is slowing down automated workflows across both cloud and on-prem environments

Learn how we’re creating a security layer on top of the bearer model to render any compromised API secrets useless to adversaries.

Provisioning and Managing Secrets is Painful

Manually provisioning, revoking and rotating secrets is a painful process for devsecops teams. Trying to manage hundreds or thousands of API secrets across a multitude of applications and services is nothing short of a nightmare. They are long lived, rarely rotated and often shared.

Learn how we’re helping security and engineering teams reduce the manual burdens of secrets management.

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