API Security Platform

Corsha’s Platform is defining the landscape for API security. We have developed the first and only dynamic, fully-automated multi-factor authentication for APIs. Our Platform secures APIs and gives our customers unprecedented visibility into and control of all API activity across cloud and enterprise networks.

Why Corsha?

Cloud-Native and Dynamic API Security 

We understand security. We understand cloud.  Drawing on deep cybersecurity, cloud, distributed ledger, and orchestration experience, our team has developed an entirely new approach to API security. Our game-changing API Security Platform solves the growing security concerns facing enterprises as attacks on APIs increase. It also operates at the scale and speed of automated cloud computing. It is cloud-native, highly scalable, and platform agnostic.


Our Platform provides fully-automated, 24/7 protection against attacks that seek to exploit APIs. We defend against man-in-the-middle attacks, machine spoofing, and many other attacks. We prevent an attacker from using a stolen API credential, such as a token or key, from any location other than the enterprise’s authorized machine. Our ability to pin API authentication to specific machines is unmatched by our competitors, who largely rely on heuristic approaches or complicated key management schemes.


Our Platform enables full visibility into API activity across an enterprise’s networks including hybrid and multi-cloud environments. By creating a unique, dynamic authentication “stream” to authenticate every API call, our platform establishes a unique, dynamic identity for every deployed machine.  Through our central management console, security professionals have full visibility into every deployed machine and can identify and monitor all API activity across cloud and enterprise networks, including machines that may be compromised or inactive.


In addition to visibility, our Platform empowers security professionals to control all API activity across cloud and enterprise networks. Because each deployed machine needs a Corsha-supplied dynamic credential for API authentication, which is enabled by Corsha’s proprietary Distributed Ledger Network, our Platform is capable of enabling or disabling API authentication. Security professionals and DevOps personnel can use the central management console to stop one or a group of machines with the push of a button.

A Proven Approach

How It Works

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has dramatically reduced username/password attacks against networks. Corsha’s Platform provides the same security guarantees for APIs that have proven successful against username/passwords cyberattacks. Through our fully-automated MFA for APIs, our Platform ensures that every API call requires a valid Corsha-supplied authentication factor in addition to any primary API authentication credential that would otherwise be required, such as an API token or SSL cert. By enabling dynamic MFA for every API, our Platform cryptographically defines the network so that only authorized machines can connect to applications and data, even in insecure environments.

Corsha Cloud

A SaaS-based deployment.  Corsha hosts and manages the Distributed Ledger Network that sits at the heart of our Platform. As part of the SaaS software license, you deploy the Corsha Authentication Server and appropriate client-side Authenticators into your cloud and/or enterprise network.

Corsha Enterprise

A fully, self-hosted deployment. Corsha delivers the entire solution, including the Distributed Ledger Nework, to be hosted by you. Our integration team will work with you to help you provision and customize the deployment every step of the way for seamless integration into your cloud and/or enterprise network.

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