Conquering Security Threats in OT to IT Communication

In the rapid digitization of manufacturing, energy, and critical infrastructure industries, the integration of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT) systems is driving innovation and efficiency. However, this convergence brings a pressing concern: cybersecurity threats targeting OT environments are on the rise. As organizations connect their OT systems to their networks, they face an escalating risk landscape.


Our whitepaper, From Legacy to Leading Edge: Challenges and Solutions for OT to IT Security, provides a comprehensive guide, illuminating the challenges, consequences, and strategies that can empower organizations to navigate this complex landscape with confidence.



Explore OT to IT Security Implications in the Age of Industry 4.0


Gain Insights into the Challenges of Securing OT to IT Communication


Uncover the Consequences of Unprotected Communication


Discover Effective Strategies for Retrofitting Cybersecurity in OT to IT Connections.

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Corsha's Solution for Secure OT to IT Hyper-Connectivity

Multi-Factor Authentication for Machines

Discover the industry's exclusive and fully automated MFA solution for machines. Achieve robust security for your APIs, even in dynamic environments like the cloud and edge computing.

Tackling Unique OT Security Challenges
Guard your systems against machine-to-machine threats, including man-in-the-middle attacks and API credential stuffing. Enhance security and automation across diverse networks while maintaining precise control over machine access.
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A Versatile, Effortless Implementation
Corsha provides both hardware and software-based connectors, making implementation a breeze. Say goodbye to complex modifications to your manufacturing equipment—our solution simplifies adoption.
Zero Trust Security for Machine to Machine Communication
Dynamic and continuous verification processes seamlessly blend machine identity, Zero Trust, and API security, drastically minimizing attack surfaces in machine-to-machine or service-to-service API communication.
Proven in the Most Regulated Environments

Corsha's technology enhances security for vital automation and data workflows, deployed in the cloud or on-premise air-gapped environments to Azure, AWS Government clouds, and DoD High-Performance Computing Centers.

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