API Identity and Access Management

Corsha creates automated and dynamic machine identities to bring one-time-use, MFA credentials to the world of APIs, granting access only to trusted machines. Halt and resume API access for a machine in real-time.

Static Credentials Just Don’t Cut It in an API-Driven Ecosystem.

APIs power all of your applications and services. Secrets are shared. They are rarely rotated, sometimes never at all. API keys and tokens, even PKI, are getting leaked at an alarming rate. You need clear visibility into and simple control over the machines that are accessing your APIs.





Never Trust. Always Verify.

Zero Trust for APIs

Organizations lack visibility into the machines that are leveraging API secrets, and as automation shifts risk from human to machine, the identities of these machines and the secrets they use is more important than ever.

Corsha stops API attacks that use stolen or compromised API credentials and helps enterprises protect data and applications that leverage machine to machine (or service to service) API communication.

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Corsha Closes $12M Series A Round

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Corsha joins Venafi Development Fund

NSF awards Corsha a Phase 1 SBIR to advance it’s Distributed Ledger Tech

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