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Corsha is the only identity-first API security platform providing automated multi-factor authentication for your machine-to-machine connections.

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Machine Identity & Access Management

MFA for APIs

Corsha creates dynamic identities for machines in any environment, cloud or shop floor. Automated one-time-use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials ensure the security of every API call.


Conquering Security Threats in OT to IT Communication

Our whitepaper, From Legacy to Leading Edge: Challenges and Solutions for OT to IT Security, provides a comprehensive look at the challenges and strategies in securing OT to IT communications in the Age of Industry 4.0

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Protect Your Enterprise Against API Attacks Through Automated Machine-to-Machine Trust

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Secure all API communication between trusted machines without worrying about secrets management hygiene

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Gain clear visibility into all of the machines that are accessing your APIs and assign secure identities to each

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Revoke API access to a machine or group of machines instantly without impacting other workloads

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What Industry Leaders Say About Us

"By taking an identity-first approach to API security, Corsha provides a much-needed security layer to the way organizations should manage service-to-service communication. Corsha provides all the goodness of MFA to secure the communication between APIs, as well as the machines that are accessing them."

- Chris “CT” Thomas

Technical Strategist in the Office of the CTO at Dell

API Secrets Are Weak Proxies for Machine Identity

API secrets are getting leaked, sprayed and sprawled at an alarming rate. They are often shared, rarely rotated and their static nature makes them prime targets for adversaries. By adding a security layer to existing secrets management and PKI, Corsha abstracts away the vulnerabilities in the bearer model

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A Zero Trust Solution for APIs

Protect your APIs with a zero trust architecture framework By assigning dynamic identities to your NPEs (non-person entities) and authenticating all of your network connection requests, Corsha’s identity-first platform gives organizations full visibility into their APIs and the machines that are accessing them.

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