Corsha Improves API Security as Part of Venafi’s Machine Identity Management Development Fund

WASHINGTON, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Corsha Inc., a leading API cybersecurity company, today announces a partnership through Venafi's Machine Identity Management Development Fund, a program designed to dramatically expand machine identity management for the world's leading businesses and government agencies. With this funding, Corsha will integrate with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform, Jetstack cert-manager and Jetstack Secure to provide a comprehensive, layered machine identity solution that protects APIs and enables full visibility and control of machine-to-machine communications. 

Corsha is on a mission to simplify API security and allow enterprises, developers, and DevSecOps teams to embrace modernization, complex deployments, and hybrid environments with confidence. Using a dynamic, blockchain-based machine identity, Corsha has developed a patented way to provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) for APIs, where API access may be pinned to only trusted machines. With Corsha, each API call now requires a fresh, one-time use credential, enabling zero-trust access for an organization's API services.  

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with the Jetstack cert-manager, Jetstack Secure, and the Venafi Trust Protection Platform through the Machine Identity Management Development Fund," said Anusha Iyer, co-founder and CTO of Corsha. "Corsha's approach to API security is driven by dynamic machine identity. Collaborating with Venafi and Jetstack is a natural fit. Together we can bring customers a novel, comprehensive solution and give enterprises the ability to pin API access to only trusted machines in their ecosystem across cloud and hybrid environments and throughout their digital supply chain." 

"API security is a crucial element of an organization's cybersecurity strategy and we are pleased to have Corsha join the Machine Identity Management Development Fund," said Kevin Bocek, vice president of security strategy and threat intelligence for Venafi. "Today, API authentication and authorization rely on certificates, tokens and API keys that can be vulnerable to theft and misuse. Corsha adds a second layer of machine identity that is unique and dynamic, which reduces risk and makes it easy for developers to build new services safely. Fastsecure is the driving vision behind the Machine Identity Management Development Fund."

The Machine Identity Management Development Fund empowers developers to build innovative machine identity management solutions for the Jetstack and Venafi communities. The Fund sponsors a wide range of developers, including consultants, systems integrators, fast-moving startups, open-source developers, and other cybersecurity vendors. 

Fund partners build integrations that deliver greater visibility, intelligence and automation for machine identities created or consumed by enterprise applications and devices including, but not limited to; cloud, Kubernetes, DevOps, IoT, containers, service mesh, code signing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, SSH and big data analytics. 

To learn more about the Venafi Machine Identity Management Development Fund, please visit:

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About Corsha
Corsha is a leading cybersecurity company that is defining the landscape of API security. Its patented API Security Platform solves the broadening security concerns that enterprises are facing because of the increasing reliance on APIs and machine-to-machine connections. Its platform empowers CTOs, CISOs, and other security professionals to protect their data and applications as they traverse hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Corsha has developed the first and only multi-factor authentication for APIs. Its platform pins API access to only authorized endpoints, providing the same security guarantees for machines that have been proven successful with human users – i.e. dynamic, out-of-band, one-time use credentials. The result is a dynamic identity for every deployed machine, enabling full visibility and control into API activity across cloud and enterprise networks.

Corsha's API Security Platform is fully automated, Kubernetes- and cloud-native, highly scalable, and platform agnostic. Customers can leverage Corsha's Platform via a cloud-based SaaS offering or within a fully self-hosted, on-premise customer environment. 

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About Venafi 
Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity management, securing machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, SSH, code signing, mobile and IoT. Venafi provides global visibility of machine identities and the risks associated with them for the extended enterprise—on premises, mobile, virtual, cloud and IoT—at machine speed and scale. Venafi puts this intelligence into action with automated remediation that reduces the security and availability risks connected with weak or compromised machine identities while safeguarding the flow of information to trusted machines and preventing communication with machines that are not trusted. 

With more than 30 patents, Venafi delivers innovative solutions for the world's most demanding, security-conscious Global 5000 organizations and government agencies, including the top five U.S. health insurers; the top five U.S. airlines; the top four credit card issuers; three out of the top four accounting and consulting firms; four of the top five U.S. retailers; and the top four banks in each of the following countries: the U.S., the U.K., Australia and South Africa. Venafi is backed by top-tier investors, including TCV, Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, QuestMark Partners, Mercato Partners and NextEquity.

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