Corsha Wins MxD Project to Fortify Manufacturing Supply Chains

The project aims to educate small to mid-sized manufacturers on how to use 

distributed ledger technology for a more secure supply chain


WASHINGTON, DC – April 17, 2024 – Corsha Inc., a Washington D.C.-based cybersecurity firm pioneering next generation Identity Provider for Machines, announced that MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) has selected Corsha to lead a project to secure the manufacturing supply chain and create playbooks that will provide guidance securely moving proprietary data across operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems. Corsha is collaborating with the Ohio State University Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) on this effort.

Today, some manufacturers and their partners use varying forms of technology to track the movement of raw materials, provide end-to-end traceability of products, record quality control data, and securely automate supply chain processes. However, small to mid-sized manufacturers often lack the resources to assess the technologies available and implement them in a way that fits their security needs. Their typical challenges are integration with legacy manufacturing systems, scalability, data standardization/interoperability, and the cost to sustain solutions in all these areas. 

“Corsha’s platform as the Identity Provider for Machines has the potential to transform the manufacturing supply chain by increasing transparency, cybersecurity, and efficiency,” said Anusha Iyer, CEO and Founder, Corsha. “One of our core missions is to safeguard proprietary data across manufacturing supply chains.  We’re excited to partner with OSU on empowering the industry with tools and playbooks to adeptly identify use cases, mitigate risks, and adopt technologies tailored to their unique operational needs."

Corsha will team with the Ohio State University Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) to demonstrate an instantiation of Hyperledger Fabric within an operational manufacturing setting to move proprietary data securely across OT and IT systems. The final deliverable is an automated playbook to help manufacturers determine how they can leverage cutting-edge technologies like distributed ledger in ways that will bring the most value to their supply chain. 

The Corsha and OSU team will deliver a set of tailored, web-based playbooks to address several manufacturing environments, potential technology implementations, and recommendations for activities that create the most value and potential for transferability. The software will have a web interface with the option for conversion to a stand-alone application. 

“We will base our approach on a simple point system that prioritizes the need for assessing specific supply chain use cases and can support intuitive implementation schemes in OT environments,” said Iyer. “The Corsha and OSU team has a deep background and past performance in the technologies, research, and processes to deliver on this MxD project call.”

The National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing focuses on three key aspects. Firstly, it showcases existing cybersecurity tech on its factory floor. Secondly, it develops tools to address specific manufacturing challenges. Thirdly, it collaborates with industry and government to facilitate the adoption of these tools by small and medium-sized manufacturers. 

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About Corsha

Corsha is a D.C.-based cybersecurity startup that has devised a novel way to secure machine-to-machine communication, whether that “machine” is a workload running in the cloud or a piece of industrial IoT equipment on a shop floor. Corsha's platform goes beyond conventional security measures, prioritizing identity and access management to seamlessly connect your machines, facilitate data transfer, and automate secure data movement from anywhere to anywhere.

Corsha has developed a security platform that sits at the intersection of machine identity, Zero Trust and API security.  They are focused on elevating machine identity, enforcing strong authentication and access for systems and services, and securing critical service-to-service traffic such as:

  • Hybrid OT to IT communication
  • Secure movement of data across networks
  • Automated software supply chains
  • Automated security operations centers (SOCs)
  • Cloud-native communication within/across Kubernetes clusters

Corsha’s patented technology builds dynamic identities for trusted machines and brings MFA to the world of API-based communication for greater security, visibility, and control of our application ecosystems. Corsha's Zero Trust Security Platform is fully automated, cloud-native, highly scalable, and platform agnostic.

About Ohio State/CDME

The Ohio State University's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) works with companies and researchers to translate new technologies into real-world, market-ready manufactured products. These projects give student employees at CDME hands-on experience in integrating new technology while providing our customers with the workforce advantage necessary to compete in a global marketplace.

About MxD

MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) advances economic prosperity and national security by strengthening U.S. manufacturing competitiveness through technology innovation, workforce development, and cybersecurity preparedness. In partnership with the Department of Defense, we convene an ecosystem to solve critical manufacturing challenges by accelerating digital adoption, empowering a skilled workforce, and modernizing supply chains. MxD is also the National Center for Cybersecurity in Manufacturing as designated by DoD. Visit to learn more.