Corsha’s Team gives talk at KubeCon on Cloud Agnostic Design — Take Five: 5 Must-See KubeCon 2021 Sessions

Take Five With Tom Fenton

Take Five: 5 Must-See KubeCon 2021 Sessions

Tom Fenton sneakily works around his 5-item limit to showcase even more goodies you need to check out in what might be the first big post-pandemic tech show allowing the option of in-person attendance.

KubeCon 2021, presented by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and virtually Oct. 13-15, 2021 (with a pre-event on Oct. 11-12), and will be the first large-scale tech conference that I am aware of to be held live since the pandemic started.

I did a deep dive into the content catalog to hand-pick a list of must-see KubeCon 2021 sessions. Yes, many are around Kubernetes (K8s), but other technologies will also be covered. It looks like the sessions are limited compared to previous years, but I couldn't find a count of how many sessions there are. Even with a limited number of sessions, however, there are a dozen events that made my personal list for me to attend. But, as my editor reminded me, this article is a Take Five with Tom Fenton, so I am forced to whittle it down -- and here are the top five sessions at KubeCon 2021 that I am looking forward to.

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