Dynamic Identity and Authentication

While much attention has been on human-to-machine access in Zero Trust, recent findings reveal that over 80% of web traffic occurs via APIs. This surge in API usage is accompanied by a significant rise in attacks against them. Credential stuffing attacks, in particular, have shifted focus to target API credentials, posing a growing threat. Once stolen, these credentials are susceptible to compromise, leading to potential misuse in redirecting traffic or spoofing machine clients.
Zero Trust for APIs

Automate Machine-To-Machine Trust

Explore our white paper as we dive into Zero Trust for APIs, unraveling the challenges and unveiling strategies to secure these critical conduits of digital communication, including how to:
  • Elevate Machine Security Standards
  • Ensure Secure Operations in Cloud and Hybrid Networks
  • Minimize API Attack Exposure for Machine Clients
  • Streamline DevSecOps Responsibilities

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