Corsha Survey Report: 50% of Security Respondents Have Experienced API-Related Breach – 50% Worry About One
By Jared Elder
on January 19, 2023
Many security professionals have a problem with API secrets management practices. In fact, 50% of security professionals have experienced an API-related breach, while the other 50% worry about having one. This statistic is important to acknowledge because it clearly...
What We Learned From 2022’s API Attacks, Leaks, and Breaches
By Jared Elder
on January 18, 2023
The drive for digital transformation has made APIs every organization’s MVP. They’re the glue that holds machine-to-machine communications together, facilitating the transfer of much-needed information from one machine to the next. 
API Security Myth: The Bearer Model Is Enough
By Jared Elder
on January 06, 2023
There’s a big problem with the bearer model. Let's explore where, why, and how the bearer model falls short when it comes to defending APIs from modern threats.
The API Secret Problem: How Companies are Spraying, Sprawling and Leaking Their Way Into Headlines
By Jared Elder
on September 15, 2022
Over the course of the last few years there has been a steady increase in the number of data breaches resulting from compromised API keys. Bad actors seem to be able to quite easily get ahold of API keys, certificates and tokens in order to access sensitive data. These...
What is mTLS and How Does It Work
By Jared Elder
on August 12, 2022
Securing communication over APIs between machines and the applications and services they run has always been a big priority for security and engineering teams. Protocols like SSL and TLS have provided enterprises with a way to encrypt data that is transferred within a...

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