Secure by Design Goes Beyond Software Development Best Practices
By Joel Krooswyk  
on July 10, 2024
CISA’s Secure by Design, now in its second year, is beginning to pivot to a "Secure by Demand" terminology. Secure by Demand encourages software procurers to push for secure by demand attestations and to obtain proof of secure development practices to quantify the risk...
Corsha Cloud Available at IL5 on Google Cloud
By Robert Batson
on May 20, 2024
To comply with all regulatory requirements for US government-affiliated users, Corsha Cloud is available using Google Cloud Platform's Assured Workloads. This feature allows us to provide a highly secure and compliant environment tailored specifically for government...
Securing Machine-to-Machine Communication with Zero Trust
By Corsha
on March 25, 2024
Originally coined by Forrester Research analyst John Kindervag in 2010, Zero Trust represents a significant shift in cybersecurity philosophy, advocating for the principle of "never trust, always verify" in network access and communication. Moreover, the framework...
Cracking the Code Pt 4: MFA and Industry 4.0 - Defending the Manufacturing Floor
By Corsha
on October 12, 2023
Welcome to the future of manufacturing - Industry 4.0, a realm where machines communicate, learn, and autonomously optimize operations. While this interconnected world holds immense promise, it also brings forth substantial cybersecurity challenges. How do...
Cracking the Code Pt 3: The Imperative of Multi-Factor Authentication in Machine-to-Machine Communication
By Corsha
on October 04, 2023
In the transformative era of Industry 4.0, where automation, data exchange, and IoT technologies converge, the seamless communication between machines stands as the backbone of modern industrial operations. However, this unparalleled connectivity also introduces a...
Cracking the Code Pt 2: Unraveling OT to IT Communication Challenges and Solutions
By Corsha
on September 27, 2023
The ongoing digital transformation, often referred to as Industry 4.0, is fundamentally changing traditional industrial systems. This wave of innovation affects various aspects, including manufacturing and supply chain management, making the integration of digital...
Robust API Security Standards Are Essential for Your Security Strategy
By Corsha
on June 06, 2023
Gartner projects that cybersecurity spending will grow by 11.3% in 2023 to more than $188.3 billion. Yet, many companies still leave their most vulnerable and most valuable resource unprotected against modern threats.
Why Zero Trust Must Include Machine Identity Management
By Corsha
on January 25, 2023
Zero trust is the gold standard for most cybersecurity practices. But achieving that gold standard – and achieving it consistently – is easier said than done. Gartner predicts that 60% of organizations will adopt zero trust architecture by 2025, but more than half will...

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